1 February 2008

Nicole Kidman, movie star

Nicole Kidman is one of Hollywood's biggest names today. The 40-year-old Australian actress has starred in many different types of films, from light comedies like Bewitched to thrillers (The Others) and critically acclaimed productions such as Cold Mountain and The Hours, which gave Nicole her first Academy Award. But audiences probably remember her best in Baz Luhrman's musical Moulin Rouge, where she plays the beautiful courtesan Satine and shows that she can also sing.

Learn more about Nicole Kidman listening to this recording (good for pre-intermediate students!). There are also some comprehension questions to help you, and an accompanying audio script.

Click here to watch a clip of Nicole and Robbie Williams' duet version of Something Stupid, originally recorded by Frank and Nancy Sinatra.


dvmunca said...

This is a great idea! Everybody loves watching movies, and you get to practice students' reading, writing and listening skills while they have to write a movie review.
There are 2 resources i wanted to share with you:
1. Slideshare: my students created PPP about intresting facts from the lives of famous movie stars: you can read about Merilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts and Bradd Pitt on this link:
2. ESL Notes is a site with ready made lesson plans on the videoscript of a lot of good movies: you could use this in class as a review of the vocabulary before the students start working on their own projects:
I hope you find these resources useful and good luck with your project! I will definetely use this blog in my ESL class.

Mônica Veado said...

Hi Daniela!

Thank you so much for the links, they are absolutely fabulous! And thank you for visiting our blog. Do come back and bring your students! :-)

Um abraço!