19 January 2008

Adding sci-fi to your favourite movie

It seems that there is no limit to imagination once you've mastered the use of Photoshop! After inviting internet users to make their favourite Hollywood stars pose as models for famous Renaissance artists, the website Worth 1,000 words launches a new challenge: can you add a sci-fi element to a movie that was definitely not packed with obvious computerized effects? Here's what people have been doing.

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Angela said...


I loved the links. Really funny!!!
I'll be visiting your blog very often.


Ana Maria said...

Dear Monica,

I really liked the "montagens" made with photoshop. I´m really impressed with their imagination.


Mônica Veado said...

Hi Angela and Ana Maria,

thanks for your comments! Yes, Ana, it seems there are no limits when it comes to adding creativity to technology - and vice-versa! :-)
Um abraço!