28 January 2007

What the critic says

Do you ever take into consideration what the critics say in their reviews before you decide to see a film? How much do you 'trust' their judgement? Join us in our forum and tell us what you think!

Click on the link below and then on the heading ("Reviews").


Erika Cruvinel said...

Hello Mônica
I really like the idea of using a blog to write movie reviews and to invite people to comment on different movies. I love movies and I usually watch many. I enjoy reading movie reviews, but I usually trust my friends better than the critics!

Nina said...

Dear Monica,

Thanks to Erika's comment I have figured out that this blog belongs to you. The matter is that I opened your blog and delayed to comment on for an hour. When I came back to it, I couldn't find your profile or picture here.
Your blog looks very nice and the material put here is very useful. I like it very much. You've done a great job! I wish you a great success in implementing all your wonderful ideas into your classes and teaching with movies.

Thanks a lot!

Nina Lyulkun

Anonymous said...

Hi,Mônica: Your blog is really interesting, but I also have the problem Nina's mentioned...I did not realize it was your blog till I read Erika's comment. Congratulations on the idea.
Nelba from Argentina