24 April 2008

Who are they?

Who are these 12 movie stars? Watch the slideshow and see if you can recognise them. Then click on 'comments' and check your answers. It's fun! :-) .

And here's another fun quiz with some other famous people!

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Mônica Veado said...

Well, did you think there was something strange here? You're right, those are not the 'real' stars, but their look-alikes! :-)

1. Brad Pitt
2. Chaplin
3. Halle Berry
4. James Dean
5. Marilyn Monroe
6. Leonard Nimoy (Dr. Spock)
7. Rowan Atkinson
8. Sir Sean Connery
9. Sophia Loren
10. Tom Cruise
11. Will Smith
12. Woody Allen