13 March 2008

Jackie Chan: where action meets comedy

Unlike most martial arts action heroes, Jackie Chan prefers his films to add a bit of physical slapstick comedy that is typical of old-time actors like Buster Keaton. For years Chan has enjoyed an incredibly successful career as an actor, director, writer, producer of his own films, but he is also known for his lovable character and for the fact that he usually does his own stunts (and after injuring himself countless times, most insurance companies refuse to insure him now).

His fights, however, are carefully choreographed and he wants people to see his movies as family entertainment rather than violent action films that made Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Segal famous.

Here is a TV interview (the host is German but the conversation is actually in English) with Jackie Chan and a gap-fill activity to practise for the CPE exam.

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