5 January 2008

The worst movie remakes

There are always lists of 'best' and 'worst' anything in the film industry, and here is another one: what are the 25 worst remakes in movie history? The list, of course, includes a number of thrillers and horror films, by far the most common genre of choice - apparently, studios and directors feel that audiences can't get enough of being scared... Take a look at the AOL article: do you agree with the author? Would you include (or remove) any of the movies listed?

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Anonymous said...

I would include "the incredible hulk" as being a bad remake of a former movie. "cat woman" interpreted by Halle Berry was a boring film mainly because of its pace and script (not very engaging), and the special effects were not good as well.

Mirian Alvarez a EFL teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mônica Veado said...

Mírian, you are absolutely right. I was never a big fan of super heroes, but I remember watching a few TV episodes with The Incredible Hulk. I was kind of disappointed when I saw the film, but I guess my expectations weren't that high anyway! :-)

Thanks for dropping by!
Hugs from Brazil