23 June 2007

Movie review: Pride and Prejudice

Have you seen "Pride and Prejudice", the film adaptation of Jane Austen's celebrated novel? Watch the review and decide: what are the most important elements of this review? How would you re-write it to be published in a newspaper? How would you adapt it to be posted on a blog? Here is an example of a written review published in The Guardian. How similar/different is it from the video version? Which characteristics of a typical film review can you find in each one?

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fernanda said...

Well, I'm not doing the task that Monica has asked us to do, but seeing the theme (Pride and Prejudice) I couldn't resist because probably everybody has at least heard of the movie or the book, but how many people have seen Bride and Prejudice?
It's an (other) adaptation of the famous book but the (clever)idea is to bring the differences of class to modern India. "Elizabeth" is the indian girl who has to face the pride of an american wealthy businessman (Mr. Darcy) and his prejudice against her country and culture. Giving the circunstances it's a fairly faithful adaptation -despite the facts that it's a musical (why, my God?) and the end was very much changed. But it's funny anyway.

Mônica Veado said...

Hi Fernanda,
I didn't see the movie, but I did see the famous ball scene (I think this time changed into a wedding)in YouTube, very interesting! Quite funny to see Naveen Andrews (the Iraqi Sayid, from the TV series 'Lost') singing and dancing... :-) Here's the link: